Proactive v Reactive Display Maintenance

You’ve invested in captivating graphic vinyl’s, dazzling signage and immersive digital displays that engage customers and showcase your brand. But what happens after the initial installation? How does the retailer/store deal with a fault or an issue? How quickly can it be repaired? Is the shopper experience the best it can be? Do you have proactive display maintenance?

Is the maintenance and aftercare of your retail investment only considered when something goes wrong? Don’t let it be an afterthought. Your visual touchpoints must be maintained in tip-top working order, grabbing customers’ attention without adversely impacting your brand’s image – a seamless, consistent omni-channel brand experience.

At Channel Assist, we understand that maintaining the appearance & functionality of your display goes beyond purely aesthetics. Displays are a representation of your brand, a blend of proactive and reactive support to keep your visual displays popping and your brand shining bright.

At some point, there is likely to be an issue and you’ll need an agile, responsive solution to resolve it ensuring optimal execution.

Proactive Display Maintenance Service

As technology continues to develop and with brands looking for more innovative ways to attract customers, displays are becoming more advanced. Significantly increasing the need for maintenance support to keep displays in good working order. Also Digital screens require more electrical and technical support and there is the potential for a diverse range of faults at varying skill set levels to arise.

With unrivalled access into retail, our European teams have developed strong relationships with both retailers & their stores. Channel Assist regularly conduct display maintenance audits for our partner brands to give them peace of mind that their displays are hitting the mark. Whilst on their visits, our team also makes note of unsupported brands where there are issues with their displays. These on-site observations allow us to demonstrate to brands we don’t yet work with, how their brand is being portrayed in store and show them how we can help them improve that perception.

As an example, in 2023 our team conducted a pan-European audit for a leading technology retailer visiting their retail estate with non-functioning displays representing over 33% of stores visited.

It highlights the need for proactive maintenance as a key component of your retail go-to-market strategy. The lack of sales and negative brand connotations from poor experiences are significant and can create lasting brand damage.

Reactive Maintenance Service

Channel Assist clients (along with supported retailers) have 24/7 access to an online customer portal providing innovative tracking tools for all their displays. Displays have a QR code that store staff can scan if there is a fault making it quick and easy to raise a maintenance request. The system generates a ticket that is sent directly to the Channel Assist project management team who analyse the issue & provide a solution for and visit the store to carry out repairs. With this system, clients can be assured that their products are always visible, and their brand has prime coverage.

Our warehouse storage is conveniently located for access across the UK, Ireland & Europe. This allows us to hold stocks of spare parts for client displays, minimising display downtime by 18%. Additionally, helping to reduce the negative brand perception by shoppers who see broken displays in store. The outcome, higher NPS and sales-out performance.

Brand partner, Google Chromebook, has described our display maintenance services as transformational for their in-store shopping experience.

“Google Chromebook’s fixture maintenance program has been transformed by Channel Assist. The real-time visibility of in-store issues, combined with Channel Assist’s excellent response times and effective remediation of identified issues, has significantly increased the compliance of fixture estate across multiple retailers.” Edd Bibbey, Google Retail Partner Manager.

Maximise Your Merchandising Compliance with Channel Assist

Choose Channel Assist as your partner for all in-store installations and maintenance. You can be safe in the knowledge that your displays & fixtures are well presented and ready to shop. You are supported by experienced project managers, a highly skilled and experienced installation team and comprehensive real-time reporting systems.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you optimise your brand’s in-store presence. Generate more sales in a compliant, fully managed way.

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