How Channel Assist Supports UK Retailers in Tough Times

A constant theme dominating headlines in early 2024, is the economic slowdown of the UK retail sector, seeing retailers grapple with the dual challenge of retaining valuable staff while competing for consumer spend and striving to increase sales. 

In response to these pressing challenges, several key retailers have recently made headlines by announcing pay rises and investments in staff development. Three such retailers, John Lewis, Currys and B&Q, are among our valued partners and this is no coincidence!  It highlights the crucial role Channel Assist plays in supporting these retailers with our field sales and merchandising services. No only to boost their sales but also foster a nurturing environment for their staff. 

Join us as we explore how our tailored solutions drive sales and cultivate a thriving workforce, ensuring success in an ever-evolving retail environment.

The Importance of Competitive Pay and Development Opportunities

Well-paid and motivated employees not only boost productivity and engagement but also contribute to increased sales and improved retention rates. With over 20 years experience supporting brands and retailers to optimise sales, we understand the pivotal role of human interaction in achieving brand success. At Channel Assist, we consistently emphasise the importance of ‘What’s in it for me’ (WIIFM) when crafting impactful rewards and recognition programmes, a mantra ingrained in our approach.

Our learning solutions not only support a positive work culture but also enhance employees’ skills, fostering a more engaged and productive workforce that will deliver meaningful results. By investing in competitive pay scales and extensive learning and development initiatives, retailers can nurture strong sales teams with unrivalled knowledge to support your customers’ buying process, a skill that is particularly essential for high-end brands.

Our brand and retail partners have benefited from outsourcing their field sales and merchandising efforts, gaining the flexibility to adapt to market demands efficiently. Leveraging our technology, they have been able to conduct a more scientific, data-driven approach to driving ROI. We focus on providing meaningful, action-driven insight regarding your customers, the market, and competitor brands, ultimately helping you secure a competitive advantage. At Channel Assist, we prioritise measuring both effort and impact to ensure tangible results for ROI and continuous improvement. Our approach goes beyond merely delivering a service; it entails measuring the dedication and expertise invested, extracting key lessons learned, and leveraging them for ongoing enhancement.

Our Role in Supporting Retailers

At Channel Assist, it is our mission to provide integrated services for our clients that make a measurable difference to their performance. In retail, a lack of product availability, unmanaged displays and poor customer journey & experience are all key contributors to successful trading. 

We help brands and retailers address these areas in the following ways:

  • Product Availability:

If a retailer runs out of an item instore, it can damage sales and brand reputation. A recent study revealed that 35% of missed in-store sales were a result of lack of product availability. Our end-to-end service means you can effectively manage inventory levels, giving you greater flexibility in adapting to changing market demands and seasonal fluctuations. By choosing to engage our integrated Logistics, Warehousing and Storage solutions you can be confident your products will be reliably delivered where your customers need them.

  • Display maintenance:

Ensuring good visual compliance and high product visibility is key in generating sales. Untidy, dusty or worse still, broken in store displays are a sure fire way to ensure potential customers choose an alternative brand.

Our technically skilled and qualified team ensure that all retail displays are installed, maintained, and shopfitted to the highest standards, enhancing their effectiveness and maximising impact in store. We have case studies to support this, available on request 🙂

  • Customer Experience:

The in store customer journey has never been more important. It  is often the difference between a one-time customer purchase and building brand loyalty. For this reason, well-equipped, knowledgeable employees capable of engaging shoppers is vital. With our learning approach, your sales teams benefit from fun, bite-size learning that can be delivered virtually or in person, creating a community of brand advocates that really make a difference to engagement and sales.

Proven results

Here is just one example of our data-driven approach with a leading TV brand. Delivering meaningful, action driven insights allowed them to increase market share and significantly improve their staff retention.

An example of Channel Assist's data-driven approach with a leading TV brand.

Investing in People

The challenges faced by UK retailers in today’s economic climate are significant, but not insurmountable. At Channel Assist, we are proud of the role that our team plays in supporting retailers as they navigate these challenges. By investing in competitive pay scales, engaging learning and development programs, and effective sales strategies, retailers can not only increase sales but also create a strong company culture and retain their most talented employees.

Tailored learning solutions and outsourced field sales and merchandising services provide retailers with the tools and flexibility needed to adapt to market demands efficiently. Through our close partnerships and innovative approach, we help you enhance employee engagement, boost productivity, and ultimately achieve greater success in the competitive retail landscape.

Working with Channel Assist

Channel Assist has a long history of working closely with retail partners and brands, collaboratively building successful sales teams, elevating in store experiences and delivering memorable brand activations.  To find out more about how Channel Assist can help you maximise sales whilst transforming your employees into your biggest brand advocates, get in touch today.

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