Channel Assist’s Project Management Approach

At Channel Assist we understand the importance of maximising the return on your project investments, whether it be an installation project or experiential event. With our tried and tested project management approach, we deliver on time and to the highest standards and with each project, your appointed project manager will take the brief and then create a project plan based on your requirements. From design and delivery through to the final execution report, their job is to ensure that each stage of the project meets industry-leading compliance and performance standards.

Communication is at the core of our project management ethos. Our team has strong relationships with both clients and retailers, which helps us to proactively communicate and swiftly address any on-site issues, preventing costly revisits. Transparency and attention to detail ensures that your project is executed accurately and on time, every time.

Your experienced project manager becomes an integral part of your project, offering valuable insights and innovative solutions to help you create a seamless experience for customers. Trust us to manage all aspects of your customer touchpoints, creating an immersive journey leaving a lasting impression of your brand.

Why Project Management Matters

Project management is a critical part of the installation service ensuring your project runs smoothly from initiation to completion, without delays or exceeding budgets.

Channel Assist’s successful approach to project management is due to our collaborative relationships. Unlike most agencies, Channel Assist works directly with both retailers & the brand, so Brand partners can be rest assured that at every stage of the project is effectively managed and communicated to key stakeholders. For example, each retailer has specific Health & Safety documentation requirements & individual store access policies. The Channel Assist team liaise directly with retailers on your behalf to obtain the required information, owning the end-to-end process to ensure the brand can outsource with complete peace of mind.

Project Management the Channel Assist Way

At Channel Assist, we deliver projects to agreed SLA’s & to the highest of standards.

A key factor in our efficiency is our flat company structure. Unlike other agencies where delays can occur because of their hierarchical structure and lack of autonomy for those delivering projects, we are agile problem solvers, quickly taking any hassle away from you as our brand partners.

Another difference to our approach is our obsessive attention to detail. Not only when it comes to the quality of our work and service levels but also compliance and performance standards. We are proud to have sustained an industry leading compliance rate, giving our brand partners confidence your projects are compliant with industry standards.

With the added benefit of having a warehousing facility, we can facilitate all end-to-end requirements for projects, no matter how large or small, including storage (long or short term), picking, packing & distribution across UK & Europe.

“Channel Assist have been our preferred partner for over 10 years across different services, including installations & maintenance. They are currently performing as our number 1 European Partner, due to their consistent achievement of SLA targets and highest compliance rates. Their in-depth understanding of our displays, extensive knowledge, and relationships with retailers, combined with their multi-skilled installer & project management team means they own and manage our retail installation projects from end-to-end”.

Global Leading Audio Brand

Take a look at the Channel Assist Project Management Process.

Why choose Channel Assist?

Our pragmatic approach means that we deliver solution driven project management. We understand that issues may arise and things can go wrong, but it is how you deal with it that makes your project a success. Our team possesses the knowledge and technical expertise to successfully deliver your project. We pride ourselves in our teams of great people who thrive on working together as a team, creating a proactive, “can do” approach to every project, every step of the way.

At Channel Assist, all installation and maintenance projects are managed end-to-end by our professional in-house project management team. If you would like to learn more about how to deliver your project on time, on budget and to an exemplary standard, get in touch.

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