Since our foundation in 2007, Channel Assist has been built around people, whether it’s our dedicated employees or the valued clients and retailers we partner with. The ethos “Powered by People” is at the heart of the company and embodies how we value and prioritise our people and clients. With a commitment to building a collaborative and inclusive culture, we actively encourage our people to develop themselves.

“I’ve probably had more development in the last 18 months or so, then I’ve had in the last decade.”

Bal Boparai | Senior Territory Sales Manager at Channel Assist

Over the years, we have implemented wellness programs and incentives to nurture talent and promote wellness, from top trainer awards to weekly personal training sessions integrated into the workday. Consequently, these initiatives inspire our team to stay active and healthy despite the demands of a fast-paced industry, diverse workforce ranging from field-based teams and central teams that are.

Validating our employee experience

At Channel Assist, we believe in the power of collaboration, shared learning, and a strong sense of belonging, regardless of where you live. Our aim is to ensure that everyone feels supported and empowered to achieve their best.

“The best company I’ve ever worked for, the best team I’ve ever worked with. You’re not treated as a number like in so many other jobs that I’ve done and probably most people have done… It’s like a big family. Straight away from the very beginning, from my induction I felt like I was part of a family.”

Ellie Davies | Business Development Manager at Channel Assist

As a data-driven company, we track performance results for our clients and continuously seek ways to improve. While we routinely gather feedback from our people about their experiences, we recognised the need for more substantial data to substantiate our exceptional employee experience claims. This is where Freeformers entered the picture. Together, we embarked on a range of innovative initiatives to validate our employee experience and tell our employee story!

Mutual Lifetime Value

Working with Freeformers, they introduced us to the concept of Mutual Lifetime Value. It refers to the balance between the value that an employee gives to an organisation, and the value that an organisation gives to its employees. The main elements are:

• If an employee gives lots of value to their organisation, without perceiving that they’re getting anything in return, you end up with a disengaged, less productive employee

• On the flip side, if an organisation is providing lots of value without getting much in return, there may be a lot of satisfied employees, but an unproductive and potentially unsustainable business.

When both values are low, the result is low engagement and low productivity.

How we assessed the value of the Employee Experience?

Channel Assist and Freeformers partnered to identify key commercial and people data that reflects the business’ performance across the entire employee lifecycle. Channel Assist’s metrics were benchmarked with comparable small and medium UK businesses (SMB). Any gaps were quickly identified through an employee satisfaction survey.

What did we find out?

The data confirmed that we have an engaged and productive workforce. The image below shows some of the extraordinary results.

Channel Assist's Employee Experience

The results explained in more detail:

• Freeformers observed high levels of engagement, as evidenced by an eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) of 78. For context, anything above 50 is considered excellent, and above 70 is world-class.

•When asked is they felt “proud to work for Channel Assist”, 95% of individuals agreed or strongly agreed.

• 100% expressed feeling motivated to exceed their regular job responsibilities.

• The Mutual Lifetime Value is 1:2.9. This means that Channel Assist get three times as much value from our people as we put in.

Here’s what Toby Kheng, Founder of Freeformers, had to say about our performance:

We’ve known Channel Assist for over 10 years and been huge fans of the exceptional work they do in designing their Employee Experience. For us, it was a great opportunity to demonstrate that offering value to your people delivers a tangible return on investment. In doing so, it helps us fulfil our mission of creating a better world of work, for everyone. Where employers aspire to offer an amazing Employee Experience, just like Channel Assist.

Interested to read more from Freeformers?

What’s next?

This marks the beginning of our journey, with this data representing just a snapshot in time. We plan to continue capturing and monitoring data regularly. Collaborating with and involving our employees is a top priority for us, as demonstrated by our recent transition to employee ownership. This move aims to protect and sustain the legacy of our company and people.

If you’re curious about working for Channel Assist or would like to learn more about our experiences with employee advocacy, feel free to reach out. We hope you can see our vision and how our people are at the heart of what we do. Interested in working together? Contact us today.

The people are at the heart of Channel Assist.

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