The sales landscape is dynamic. This means that adaptability isn’t just a necessary skill but a game-changer. Over the past three years, our collaboration with a renowned global household brand has truly showcased our ability to innovate and grow.  

Together, we’ve transformed their field sales approach, steering away from the traditional focus on mass retailers. Now, they boast a comprehensive support system that covers every aspect of their business, including diving into direct business development.

And as part of this transformation, our team at Channel Assist, had to change too. We’ve evolved beyond our initial roles of training and relationship management. Now, we’re fully immersed in owning direct sales responsibilities, seamlessly integrating into their team like we’ve always belonged. This shift isn’t just about adapting – it’s about thriving in an ever-evolving sales landscape.

Skills Development Program

To support our team’s evolving roles and ensure they excel in their new responsibilities, we’ve taken proactive measures to bridge any skill gaps that emerged from this transformation. Partnering with renowned sales training experts at FieldStar, we’ve crafted a bespoke learning and development program designed to refine and enhance key skills critical for impactful sales conversations.

The programme is structured into seven key focus areas, each addressing specific aspects of the sales process: 

Evidence of Excellence: Demonstrating Success

As a data driven business, it’s important that we can clearly demonstrate the impact our team has had for our client. 

Here are some results to show how our performance metrics speak volumes about our success:

  • Transformed a cost centre into a revenue-generating business function
  • 430% increase in sales
  • The programme investment has grown by 20% year on year
  • A previously ingrained poor reputation has been transformed with retailers now confident to display branded signage and provide positive testimonials.
  • The brand has raised its industry profile and achieved industry accolades in recent years.
  • Created a global blueprint for use in other markets.

Looking to the future

As the sales landscape continues to evolve, so must our approach. By investing in comprehensive skills development programmes like the one outlined above, we empower our field sales team to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and deliver exceptional value at every step of the customer journey. This commitment to ongoing learning and improvement underpins our dedication to driving tangible results and fostering partnerships with our clients.

Our achievements have sparked the interest of other global business units, leading them to adopt the lessons learned. They are now implementing best practices worldwide, helping to boost sales among independent retailers.

Working with Channel Assist

At Channel Assist, we realise the power of data analytics and can work with you to unlock valuable insights, optimise marketing efforts, and ultimately drive increased sales and market share. Don’t let valuable opportunities slip away. 

If you would like to explore the benefits of working with a data-driven agency, get in touch. We are happy to discuss how we can work together to make the first transformative steps towards sustainable success.

The Evolution of a Field Team

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Outsourced Field Sales Team

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