Recognising your employees with bespoke employee engagement boxes

We believe that keeping your employees motivated and engaged is key to creating a positive working culture, a key Channel Assist value! Simple acts of meaningful recognition show them that they are valued. In an increasingly digital world and such a competitive climate, how you recognise and motivate your employees is more important than ever…make it physical and personal where you can!

What is an employee engagement box?

We’ve got your employee recognition needs all boxed up with a wide range of sustainable branded engagement boxes. Working closely with you to understand your values, we will deliver a bespoke box that reinforces your brand and delights your employees. Whether it’s a new starter kit, Christmas gift or a gift to celebrate a company milestone, we can work together to create something to engage and inspire. We are here to listen and form a greater understanding of who your employees are and what they like, to design a box filled with tailored items that deliver a great experience.

How do we digitally enable engagement boxes?

All our boxes are digitally enabled, meaning we can track and measure engagement that feeds into your WHY and show a clear ROI story…all very clever! Contact us to learn more.

Benefits of an employee engagement box

Employee engagement boxes are great for boosting morale, leading to greater well-being and job satisfaction = better performance! Key ingredients for employee retention and improving performance.

Companies that leverage employee retention incentives can benefit from:

1. Improved Employee Satisfaction 

Engaged employees are generally more satisfied with their jobs. Feeling a sense of purpose and connection to their work, will increase morale and create a more positive work environment.

2. Employee well-being

High levels of engagement have been linked to better physical and mental health among employees. A positive and supportive culture contributes to overall well-being.

3. Increased Productivity

Feeling more engaged, employees are often more focused and productive. They are willing to go the extra mile to achieve organisational goals, leading to higher levels of output and efficiency.

4. Increased employee loyalty

Engaged employees are more loyal to their organisations and are more likely to stay with their current employer. They feel a stronger connection to the company’s mission and values, leading to a greater commitment to long-term employment. A positive work environment and a sense of fulfilment reduce turnover rates, saving the organisation recruitment and training costs.

5. Enhanced Collaboration and Teamwork

Engaged employees are more likely to collaborate effectively with their colleagues due to a sense of belonging and shared goals.

6. Innovation and Creativity

Feeling more engaged and empowered, employees are more likely to contribute their ideas and suggestions. This can lead to a more innovative and creative workplace as employees feel comfortable sharing and implementing new and better ways of doing things.

7. Better Customer Service

Employees who feel more engaged are more likely to provide excellent customer service. Their commitment to the organisation translates into a higher level of commitment to meeting customer needs and expectations.

8. Reduced Absenteeism

Engaged employees are generally healthier and more committed to their work. This can result in lower rates of absenteeism as they are less likely to take unnecessary sick days or time off.

9. Better adaptation to change

Engaged employees are more resilient and adaptable to change. They are willing to embrace new initiatives and navigate challenges, contributing to the organisation’s ability to evolve and stay competitive.

10. Positive Impact on Company Culture

Employee engagement contributes to a positive organisational culture. This, in turn, attracts top talent and fosters a workplace where employees feel valued and supported.

In conclusion, employee engagement can lead to a range of positive benefits for both you and your employees. Employee engagement boxes can help boost morale and increase productivity and innovation, contributing to a healthy and thriving work environment.

About Channel Assist

Channel Assist’s mission is to provide outstanding, integrated services for our clients that make a measurable difference to the performance of their brands and products.

Working with you, our positive team will deliver sustainable engagement boxes, physical or digital,  that will influence and inspire your employees to emotionally commit to your company goals. 


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