I’ve recently taken a moment to reflect on some invaluable learning and development in recent months and the profound effect it’s continually having on me in all aspects of life. I wanted to share with you how I’ve grown and changed as a result of this training, and why it has become an integral part of Channel Assist’s leadership team!

So, what exactly is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and why have we invested in NLP Practitioner certification for our leadership team?

What is Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a psychological approach that explores the connections between neurology, language, and programming, aiming to understand and influence human behaviour, improve communication, and facilitate personal growth. Developed in the 1970s, NLP incorporates techniques such as anchoring, reframing, and rapport-building to help individuals change their thought patterns, manage emotions, and achieve specific goals.

What is an NLP Practitioner?

An NLP Practitioner is an individual who has completed training and certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Practitioners use NLP techniques and principles to help others in personal development, communication, and overcoming limiting beliefs and behaviours. The approach is often in professional contexts such as coaching, therapy, or leadership.

Why did Channel Assist invest in NLP Practitioner training for the leadership team?

Channel Assist has a long-standing partnership with the talented Daryll Scott, a renowned behavioural change expert (you can learn more about him here). Daryll has been instrumental in helping our leadership team tap into the transformative power of NLP and the benefits across the wide range of different things that we do.

What are the benefits for the CA team?

But why should you care about our leadership team becoming NLP Practitioners? 

Well, the answer lies in the remarkable results we’ve seen within Channel Assist since embracing NLP. Our NLP Practitioners have become more effective communicators, better leaders, and experts in facilitating balanced team dynamics. They’ve gained a deeper understanding of our diverse teams’ behaviour and motivation, enabling them to lead with empathy and influence positively.

In a nutshell, our leadership team’s NLP training has been a game-changer, not only for our own personal growth but for our ability to lead and inspire the incredible individuals within Channel Assist.

Why do Channel Assist Invest in NLP rather than other approaches?

It’s the deeper stuff

It’s not just about setting goals, mindfulness and coaching questions. It provides a much deeper awareness of what makes people tick.

It helps you to become more self-aware and make long-term changes by exploring your unconscious mind.

We represent brands in the real world. 

NLP is an entirely practical approach to understanding human behaviour and human interactions

You don’t just learn what to think, you learn things to look for and ways to respond.

It helps us to understand the drivers behind consumer behaviour, see what they are really responding to, and create brilliant interactions.

How does it benefit the brands we work with?

You might be wondering how our investment in NLP ultimately benefits the brands we work with… 

The answer is simple: it creates a ripple effect of positivity and growth. When our leadership team is equipped with the tools to understand and influence behaviour, it directly translates into better collaboration, more effective communication, and innovative problem-solving when working with our brand partners. Ultimately, better results for all parties!

Our commitment to NLP is a testament to our dedication to providing the best service and results for our clients, as we continue to evolve and grow alongside them.

So there you have it! Our journey into the world of NLP has been transformative, and we’re excited to share this with you as we move forwards. 

If you’re curious about how NLP can benefit your business and drive more behaviour change, drop me a DM or reach out to me on 07786 513134 or if you simply want to learn more about our experiences, feel free to reach out.

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