Optimise compliance for all your installation, maintenance, and shopfit projects to maximise the return on your display investments.

Our technically skilled and qualified team brings extensive experience working in various retail environments, ensuring the delivery and maintenance of your project meet industry-leading compliance and performance rates. Trust us to ensure that your retail displays are installed, maintained, and shopfitted to the highest standards, enhancing their effectiveness and maximising impact in the retail space. Our retailer relationships and ongoing communication enable us to resolve issues on-site wherever possible avoiding costly revisits so we can ensure your project is delivered accurately and on time, every time.

Create a cohesive and engaging retail environment with our in-store experience solutions. From graphic vinyl and signage to logistics, inventory and compliance, create engaging and visible touchpoints that will provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience. Take the customer on an immersive journey that will stir their senses and create a lasting impression of your brand.



All display installation projects are managed end-to-end by our in-house project management team adept at managing complex installation rollouts from component sourcing through to resolving in-store challenges such as ranging or space limitations. Channel Assist can support brands and retailers with deployment projects ranging from point of sale (POS), vinyl detailing, fixtures, shop-in-shops and full shop fits.

Graphic Vinyl and Signage

Utilising the highest quality materials and cutting-edge techniques, we can expertly vinyl detail, install graphics and signage, enhancing the visual appeal of your brand. Channel Assist are skilled in both soft signage and hard signage whether it is for advertising, decoration purposes or marketing campaigns.


Minimise downtime for displays that are not functioning properly or unavailable for use with our maintenance service. Our project management team leverages superior retail relationships and real-time reporting to ensure that your displays are operational, effectively attracting customers and promoting your brand.


Leveraging our digital expertise and relationships with retailers, you gain real-time insights into merchandising compliance and performance in all of your supported stores. You will have confidence that your brand is highly visible whilst gaining a better insight into customer behaviour.

Exhibitions and Events

Elevate your brand and create lasting memories for your target audience with our sales and experiential events. Owning nationwide events end-to-end, from concept to build and execution. Our teams work together as a turn-key provider that allows your experience to be realised in a variety of different formats - pop-ups, trade shows and roadshows.

Logistics, Warehousing & Storage

Streamline your operations and achieve faster turnaround times with our seamlessly integrated Logistics, Warehousing & Storage, part of our end-to-end service.

We have vast logistical capability spanning across the following areas and operate this for a number of clients across EMEA:

• Storage and distribution of POS
• Storage and distribution of retail fixturisation
• Racking and pallet storage
• Picking and packing
• Complete customs clearance

Inventory Management

Our inventory management service allows you to effectively manage your inventory levels giving you greater flexibility in adapting to changing market demands and seasonal fluctuations.

Industry Leading

We consistently deliver over 95% compliance for display rollouts


Avoid costly revisits through our on-site remediation approach


Ensure that you optimise up-time for all your retail displays


Informed sourcing and careful disposal of displays and components


Professional retail display installation and maintenance solutions, together with end-to-end project management

We deliver industry-leading compliance for display installation projects maximising the return on your display investments. Highly skilled installers supported by experienced project managers, our retail relationships and real-time reporting, provide a fully managed end-to-end installation service.

Proactive display maintenance ensures that your visual touchpoints are maintained in tip-top working order, grabbing customers’ attention without adversely impacting your brand’s image. The Channel Assist team help to provide a seamless, consistent omni-channel brand experience.

Channel Assist Proactive Maintenance Display

At Channel Assist we understand the importance of maximising the return on your project investments, whether it be an installation project or experiential event. With our tried and tested project management approach, we deliver on time and to the highest standards. With each project, your appointed project manager will take the brief and then create a project plan based on your requirements. From design and delivery through to the final execution report, their job is to ensure that each stage of the project meets industry-leading compliance and performance standards.

Channel Assist's Project Management Approach

How Channel Assist Supports UK Retailers in Tough Times A constant theme dominating headlines in early 2024, is the economic slowdown of the UK retail sector, seeing retailers grapple with the dual challenge of retaining valuable staff while competing for consumer spend and striving to increase sales.  In response to these pressing challenges, several key […]

Boosting retail sales and staff retention

The sales landscape is dynamic. This means that adaptability isn’t just a necessary skill but a game-changer. Over the past three years, our collaboration with a renowned global household brand has truly showcased our ability to innovate and grow.   Together, we’ve transformed their field sales approach, steering away from the traditional focus on mass retailers. […]

The Evolution of a Field Team

Investing ahead of the curve: it’s time to be bold! For many businesses it has been a slow start to the year, grappling with a mix of inflation, high interest rates, and dwindling customer confidence.

Investing ahead

Field Sales Agility: A comprehensive comparison between Internal vs. External Agencies In today’s dynamic and highly competitive retail landscape, companies are increasingly seeking strategies that allow them to continuously evolve and innovate. One approach that has seen significant growth in recent years is using outsourced field sales teams and merchandising agencies. This deliberate move is […]

Channel Assist field teams in Currys store


We had the pleasure of working with Channel Assist on two activations for Manchester Pride 2023. They demonstrated a deep understanding of our brief and proactively found solutions that met the event environment and our objectives. Their 'can-do' attitude and adaptability handled last-minute challenges efficiently, and their professional approach gave us confidence. They also scouted an ambassador team that aligned with our brand's values. Their positive energy added value to our activations and left a lasting impression. We look forward to working with them again.


Our Field Sales Team provided by Channel Assist has driven a significant increase in market share for both our ASUS and Republic of Gaming product ranges. Most impressive is their digital expertise which generates outstanding content that effectively conveys our value proposition. This, combined with the team’s level of engagement within our retail partners, has elicited high performance across multiple sales, marketing, and merchandising metrics.  


The Promoter team recruited and deployed by Channel Assist were fantastic ambassadors for the Robert Bosch brand. The campaign was extremely well managed from store selection, promoter training and performance management in the field through to campaign reporting and delivery of performance to deliver great campaign results.

Robert Bosch

Channel Assist’s specific knowledge and approved access of the travel shopping environment makes them an effective retail marketing agency to successfully deliver our airside projects. The team are professional and organised and take full responsibility for every stage of a project with a focus on regular communication, a high standard of online reporting and delivering optimal compliance.


Channel Assist significantly evolved our learning proposition by introducing a micro-engagement approach which means we can communicate messaging quickly and succinctly. We can measure which content is delivered to which point of sale, to how many people and also measure the level of understanding by store. This has revolutionised the targeting of specific training and learning initiatives across our retail partners.


Google Chromebook’s fixture maintenance program has been transformed by Channel Assist. The real-time visibility of in-store issues, combined with Channel Assist’s excellent response times and effective remediation of identified issues, has significantly increased the compliance of our fixture estate across multiple retailers.


The success of our display rollouts is underpinned by the project management and installation expertise of the Channel Assist team. Their in-depth understanding of our displays, extensive knowledge, and relationships with retailers, combined with their multi-skilled installer team means they own and manage our retail installation projects from end-to-end.


Partnering with Channel Assist to deliver our Life Uninterrupted Roadshow enabled us to deliver a hugely successful retail channel engagement with the Three UK stores teams. Their understanding of every aspect of delivering a focused experiential event was intelligently informed by an in-depth understanding of our target audience which, when injected with a healthy dose of fun, resulted in the design of experiences that effectively and successfully engaged them. The retail roadshow event empowered over 3000 salespeople and generated an increase in our key performance metric.


Channel Assist launched Sonos’ first digital promoter program and effortlessly managed the pilot from end-to-end. The team were highly trained and fully equipped as virtual Sonos experts on our website and they achieved impressive results. Our customer satisfaction and transaction values both increased, and the team’s conversion rate consistently tracked at 23% and above.





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