360° Training & eLearning

From the training team to in-store promoters to retailer sales training – all need to be complimentary to one another.

Our Global E-learning Partnership

Karrot Rewards

Karrot Rewards

Channel Assist is a sales and marketing agency. Our primary objective is to help drive and increase sales opportunities for your brand. Channel Assist recognise that with any effective retail sales strategy, brands with a value based proposition require the need for a blended approach to training in-store staff. We partner with Karrot Rewards to provide either a bespoke E-learning platform or utilise existing learning management tools.

Who is Karrot?

  • Karrot provide increased “sales person effectiveness” that is proven to increase sales out.
  • Their platform increases sales, category lift and brand awareness.
  • They influence millions of purchase decisions each year.
  • They create a fun environment that inspires learning and innovative selling solutions.

What we know

  • Well-informed sales people connect with customer needs and minimise returns.
  • Effective sales people help customers buy the right products.
  • Knowledgeable retail staff enhances customer experience.
  • Satisfied customers buy more and come back more often.

What we do

  • Provide product and category sales training to develop retail sales person’s skills.
  • Provide activity reports to demonstrate learning effectiveness and return on investment.
  • Help to gauge the success of field sales teams within your retailer’s estate.
  • Motivate RSPs through certification and incentive programs.

How we do it

  • Store level reporting and metrics for both brand and retailer.
  • Industry leading content design.
  • Complimentary to retailer learning management systems and development programs.
  • 19 years’ experience working with some of the leading global manufacturers and retailers.

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