360° Sales Team Recruitment

Our expert, in-house, recruitment team have over 30 years’ experience

Expert, in-house recruitment

Panasonic retail staff member

Channel Assist has its own expert in-house recruitment team experienced in assembling the very best in field teams for some of the leading technology, consumer electronics and domestic appliance brands in the UK. This market sector experience and relationships with leading brands enable our recruitment team to support your internal recruitment needs.

Combining both modern and traditional recruitment methods including advertising, networking, social media and referral schemes we attract talent to your organisation quickly and cost effectively. Our Recruitment team have over 30 years’ experience and are supported by specialist consultants with extensive networks and experience that can meet your job position needs.

Priority is given in the following order:

  1. Successfully worked on an alternative Channel Assist campaign previously
  2. Recommendations
  3. ‘Brand new’ promoters

Potential promoters that are recommended or are brand new go through our interview and selection process. Typically, we would look for previous relevant experience, a grasp of technology products, an interest in music, familiarity with the store they will be working in (if possible) and commitment to the dates/duration of the campaign.

Our recruitment process

How we attract candidates

Candidates are obtained via a number of sources:

  • Advertising: regular advertising on both specialist and generalist job boards as well as our own website.
  • Referrals: enhanced by an attractive referral scheme.
  • Networking: our regional managers and field teams will become familiar with promoters in the normal course of their jobs.
  • Social media: use of Linked In, Twitter and Facebook.


All candidates will go through a thorough interview to better understand academic background, skills and experience. For tactical workers we would typically look for proven sales experience in a retail environment, familiarity with consumer electronics/technology products and an affinity with the specific brand they will be promoting/ demonstrating. Field teams will go through further interview(s) tailored to each campaign, typically including a face-to-face interview and a formal presentation with the client in attendance.

Applicant tracking

Channel Assist use a sophisticated applicant tracking software (ATS) to record and manage candidate information. This allows us to create a ‘bank’ of candidates to draw upon for each recruitment campaign. We also record performance on previous campaigns ensuring we repeatedly utilise the best performing promoters.


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