Merchandising & Compliance

To maximise both sales and ROI it is critical to know that your products are on sale in the right place and at the right price.

How your products are displayed in retail outlets can have a huge impact on their perceived quality

Not to mention their position in the market compared with your competitors. Every brand has very exacting standards and expectations about how their products should be displayed, but how can you be sure this is being represented and adhered to in the field? Can you even tell if your products are being stored in the right retailers and stores to maximise sales?

Checking POS

Our Merchandising and Compliance services are invaluable in optimising retail performance.

Our team can be deployed to visit stores to meet your brand’s needs via a variety of different levels of service.

If your project requires short term action, day or overnight support we have the infrastructure to provide skilled and trained field teams when your business needs them.

Our services include:

  • Channel Vision – view and report at the point of sale
  • Channel Compliance – view and resolve at the point of sale
  • Channel POS/Promotion – view and POS deployment at the point of sale
  • Channel Price – view, resolve and label price at the point of sale
  • Channel Stock – view and action stock/inventory management at the point of sale


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