360° Field Marketing with Measurable, Accountable, Results

We believe it’s the only way to do business and have worked hard to develop and deliver a suite of Field Marketing services that are quantifiable at every stage.

Effective Field marketing is driven by two fundamental areas… what the shopper sees, and what the shopper hears.

Checking display

Visual Merchandising is what the customer sees… a compliant display must be:

  • Clean
  • Priced (correctly)
  • Effective promotional material in place (communicates value)
  • Inventory available
  • Compliance to planogram where appropriate
  • In the correct location

For commoditised products, the main mechanic for driving sales is as above, with the key challenge is how you support your retail partner to ensure compliant and therefore effective displays. For products/solutions that are not commoditised, it is what the shopper hears combined with the visual merchandising that will determine the customer journey to purchase. This is where a retail sales person (RSP) or a representative of the brand will engage the shopper directly, and depending on the experience, the value proposition and need, a sale will be made.

Sonos and Channel Assist worked in partnership to deliver a unique, creative and highly engaging training event for our peak tactical team. From the beginning, Channel Assist delivered a personalised and professional approach to deploying the sales team. We collaborated in designing a tailored training programme which engaged each member and ensured optimum return. The unique venue, combined with a winning product and array of highly skilled trainers delivered an epic event! Channel Assist shares our passion for training and we are looking forward to delivering further excellence on future campaigns.

Kevin Alcraft
Retail Experience Manager

Channel Assist operate a solution set to support what the shopper sees and hears.

Talking to customer

Channel Vision

This solution is a simple visibility exercise. Channel Assist simultaneously deploy agents to capture the following:

  • Picture of Display
  • Price Compliance
  • Promotion Compliance
  • 2 Further Questions

This solution enables our clients to have visibility of each individual point of sale and a detailed understanding of the level of compliance at each point of sale.

Channel Compliance

The compliance team delivers exactly the same visibility as the Channel Vision team, but with the fundamental difference that our staff leave the point of sale fully compliant. From a reporting perspective, the team captures compliance on entry, but then also details what actions were taken, what POS or retail merchandising was undertaken to ensure a non-compliant display is 100%.

A massive thank you to Alain and the Channel Assist team. The team has always exceeded expectations and supported our business and its initiatives with passionate and knowledgeable individuals. Individuals integral to the success of our promotional work – individuals we’d rather refer to as colleagues!

Dixons Travel
Adam Stepney
Regional Manager

Sales Territory Development

Territory sales manager

The solution to developing a territory is always a blend of activities, and a key element of this is a Territory Sales Manager (TSM). A TSM’s primary role is to drive sales out, and average selling prices (ASP). In order to achieve this a TSM is assigned a number of retail locations which are grouped together in order to deliver a focused territory. These territories are between 50 and 80 locations based on geographical location, and the size of the opportunity.A TSM will manage their territory by directly account managing each store on an agreed call file, with the following activities taking place.

Merchandising Compliance

Essentially delivering as part of every visit the Channel Compliance solution. Every display will be 100% compliance upon exit.

Learning Development

Retail Sales People (RSP) will only sell products and brands that they are familiar and comfortable with. With this understanding Channel Assist measure learning, and not training. We measure every element of our activity and the stores we support, and stores that are not directly supported need a mechanism to drive learning. TSMs are targeted to deliver specific levels of measurable knowledge but we need to agree the mechanic of measurement and the platform.

Opportunity Management

Incremental space, local events, initiatives, relationship and business planning are key activities Channel Assist provide all elements relating to equipping and managing the team from company cars through to IT and comms.

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