360° Business Analytics

Retail is Detail and Channel Assist are the experts in capturing this detail from your retail execution and providing insightful analysis of your brand’s performance.

We analyse your retail success

looking at data

Our direct commercial and operational relationships with retailers allow us to create and deliver sales opportunities that are not otherwise readily accessible to our clients.

We analyse your retail success at all levels of granularity and further assess external factors to your success including competitor pricing and promotional activity/retailer-specific estate operations.

By working with Channel Assist you can be confident of the best insight, delivered rapidly to support your retail success.

Channel Assist has made a significant difference to both Carphone Dixons’ and Panasonic’s business. By focusing on the details of stock and sales by store, we have driven sell-out in promoter and POD-covered stores by prioritising stock profiling. This has resulted in the best exit stock we have seen in recent years!

Ian Hirth
Senior Merchandiser

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